Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Photography Tip For The Week !

The latest "Point & Shoot" digital cameras are very nice. They give the average camera buff the ability to take photos where thee old film cameras were not nearly as dependable. They do present problems for the owner of such cameras if more difficult shooting situations come about. We will look into a couple of them.

#1) Trying to shoot using the zoom lens and keeping the image still in the LCD display window. The image is hard to hold still due to the distance you are zooming in.The more you are magnifying the subject, the more it will become difficult to hold the image still. The zoom not only brings the subject closer but also amplifies the camera movement. The remedy for this is to purchase a tripod. Most point and shoot cameras have a spot on the underside of the camera to allow foe easy mounting to a tripod. The manufacturers saw the need for them due to the use of good zoom capabilities as well as high Mega pixel counts. Most tripods can be purchased for $15.00 to $20.00 and they will long distance shots much easier by being able to hold the camera still when shooting.

2.) When shooting close up such as family photos, scenery, flowers etc., and a tripod is not available refrain from using the LCD veiwing screen. Use the view finder window that you look through. It is usually located in the upper right of the camera. Doing this will give the user a smaller view of the subject but will serve to allow for better alignment of the camera frame for the shot. Holding the camera against your face as you look through the window helps to steddy the camera and give a good perspective of the frame alignment before you press the shutter button. This will keep your photos straight, avoid cutting of heads and so on.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tufted Titmouse
"With an Asian feel"

Photography Tip For The Week !

When shooting birds, always use a flash. Birds are very small and even with a strong telephoto lens, it can be difficult to pick up details of the subject. Birds tend to hide even though it may look like they are in the open, so a flash will eliminate possible shadows being cast over the bird by leaves, tree limbs etc. Almost all birds have some sort of distinctive color that will only be noticed in good light. Many times, the feathers have a luminescence or reflective color that comes out in bright light or from a certain angle. One example of this would be the bright red throat of the Ruby Throated Hummingbird. The use of a flash also serves to liven up the eyes. On overcast days or in lower light situations, the eyes of a bird will appear completely dark in a resulting photo. This gives an unrealistic look of the subject. A flash will usually result in a small white area in the eye showing light reflection and you will be amazed by how much this will liven up your photo.
J. Kline

Monday, April 7, 2008

Cedar Waxwing


Seven things that show I'm weird.

Ok Carla, just this once.

1. I hate lists! I won't make them and I hate to carry one. The weird thing is that I really need them.

2. I am a terrible procrastinator (as well as speller so leave me alone), but once I get started on a project, don't try to draw me off of it. Any outside delay or deversion irritates me.

3. I hate unfairness. I am the scales of justice in my own mind. I grew up doing alot of fighting and most of the experiences were due to injustices to someone else.

4. I would die for my faith in Jesus but I don't go to church.

5. I don't vote because I can't remember the last time there was someone worth voting for and if I don't vote, I can't be blamed. I do criticize though and that's my right, so get off my back.

6. I love animals, especially dogs, but don't let me catch you putting the life of any animal before that of a human, born or unborn. Sorry, there's just no excuse.

7. My short list : I'm a peaceful person now but giving the finger to a stupid driver is an obligation. Loaning someone your money gives you no right to tell them how to spend it. If there is a chance you will disapprove, don't lend it. If you do something nice for someone and they return the favor by sticking it up your (NOSE), never feel foolish. You can never be a fool for doing good. Never blame children for their parents mistakes. Please don't bug people to do silly lists even though they owe you!

Friday, April 4, 2008

"Too Much Sugar": Busted for speeding on city streets on her bicycle, Sabrina gets a ticket from Officer Jackson. This shot was, of course, a set,up but it's one of my favorites.